Impact on Society

In 1974-75 the Sangola taluka in Solapur district was arduously recovering from the severe drought of 1972. All the village population was tattering under the loans, the loan sharks, arguments, court cases, the really troublesome taboos and the equally troublesome social traditions. Alcoholism and other addictions with the Blind faiths were adding to the already severe problems. In these dark and depressing times the rural woman was searching vainly for a ray of light with her children by her side. 

All of us ladies, the founder members of MBUP , had a lot of sympathy and empathy for the rural women folk . To bring a light to their dark path of life, we started our work in 1978 hoping to bring some light of happiness and little prosperity to the women folk of Sangola.

After 40 years of endless efforts the fruits of these labors are now being seen in the form of lighted houses big and small all over the area. The picture of course is heartening with a lot of hope as the changes seem to be permanent rather than temporary 

  1. The working woman stepping out of the house and living a confident social life is seen differently today. The view that used to be “ working woman means a woman with bad character” has changed and she is no longer stamped as such. 
  2.  Because of the trust in the strict moral discipline in the institution, more and more rural women are coming forward to join the various kinds of activities taken up by MBUP 
  3. Due to our caring for the psychological needs of the participating women a lot of changes can be observed – The birth of a girl child is actually welcomed instead of being shunned- Due to the financial help received from institutions like the Kawa Kami foundation, The percentage of girls continuing education after the 10th standard is continuously increasing- Teenage girls Hobby & Guidance groups have helped the girls to understand and talk freely about the difficulties and the dangers of the development period.

    – The age of marriage for the girls is on the rise.

    – The society which was fiercely opposing and resistant to the re-marriages of the widows and divorcees is experiencing a change. Such marriages are now taking place due to the support of the institution

    – Age-old customs based on blind faith are declining

    – There is more peace in the households and less addictions due to the economic progress and betterment

    – Women who were victims of injustices are no longer suffering in silence. They are coming to MBUP in more and more numbers for help and support. (more than 3000 women have received help)

  4. Health – Social education about and the treatment of anaemia has helped more than 7000 women- Family planning is being practised more and more because of the education about spacing methods- A lot of healthy practices are being used more and more. They include proper washing of hands, use of soap, habits including healthy diet, not too much fasting, Clean and safe drinking water, avoiding wastage of water and the need to build private toilets and their regular use

    – ‘Aarogyadoot’ plan is helping a lot of villages that were previously barren of health services. Here the medium is the first aid box and enlightenment

    – With the encouragement from the institution, a group of entrepreneurs named Sakhi Saheli Manch is producing large number of eating items both sweet and spicy. These items have attracted a lot of customers from Pune and Solapur area

  5. Financial independence – The institution has made available the support for development of vocational skills as well as finance. This has led to more than 3000 women becoming self-sufficient financially. Their courage as well as their position has escalated like anything. As a result, they are being invited to get officially and proudly involved in various decisions at the family, society and the village levels.Personality and life skills development training programmes , also study tours and participation in various women related workshops and seminars

    – because of all this the rural women have become knowledgeable and more mature. They have started thinking in their own minds. They’re all helping each other towards further progress. I think that they know each other’s problems and conditions goes a long way in this process. The whole family is getting benefited because the woman is earning more.

  6. Water management– Sangewadi is a village which required tankers for water supply all the time. The institution constructed a bund at this village. After realizing benefits of the bund all the villagers came together and constructed five more bunds. The village no more requires a tanker for their water. (Population about 4 to 5000)- Gardi village did not have any health services. Institution workers got the people together and the biggest well in the village was cleaned up totally. The well is now completely filled up with water and in the summer of 2020 the whole village drank water from this well. so also with the help of the village residents more than 1000 trees were planted recently.- Watambare Village got two bunds constructed. A percolation lake and another older bund were repaired. About 700 to 800 Hectors of pomegranate plantations were revived about 700 to 800 pomegranate plantations were revived. 10,000 people got drinking water.

    – Tippehalaki Village didn’t have a proper water supply. Under the institute’s guidance the ladies from the saving scheme came together and solved the problem.

  7. Facilitation of the art of traditional knitting – ‘Ghongadi’ (Indian blanket)– Sangola taluka has had a tradition of making Ghongadi from the wool of the local sheep for many many years. To conserve this traditional art, we obtained the financial aid from NABARD. For 3 years we conducted a lot of programs like Training of the shepherds, use of modern technology for processing the wool as well as knitting and the use of machines in the production. They also learned new designs , making of baskets, small carpets, yoga mats, jackets etc. The weavers found new horizons. But all these programs had limited success because the next generation is not so interested in this art.
  8. Development progress and transformation of the institution– today in about 35 years the small school that started in a single room in Kelkar Hospital has expanded into 30 classrooms in an area of about 2 and a half acres.- With the help of Dr Mrs Nishigandha Mogul the MLA we have built a hall for the women`s. But it got bogged down in the government rules and regulations. So the institution independently has built a hall called skill development centre in a place donated to us. Here all the women learn about various kinds of business as well as live skills with training programs. More than 3000 women have been the beneficiaries.- In the old school building now we have Family counseling centre, Utkarsh public library and the Saving scheme administration office along with the MBUP office – all these underlining the women power.
  9. Quality school education – till date we have had more than 6000 students who had been in the school. Many of the students have been successful in competitive examinations like the 10 standard board examination, the Homi Bhabha Young Scientist contest,Govt scholarships and others. The students are becoming well versed in various fields due to the well stalked library and the computer lab. The scientific attitude is developing well in the science lab where they can experiment themselves. English language lab is helping in reducing the inferiority complex about the language. Field visits, interviews, study tours are helping the students to make all round progress increasing their overall confidence.- Five tasks of the day ie. Suryanamaskars, daily newspaper reading, helping the family after completing their own tasks, greeting the elders in the evening and writing diary before going to bed – the discipline is helping the students to become healthy, more aware about the outside world, being respectfully helpful to the elders and to think independently.Making use of modern teaching technologies as well as principles , ( Equity, Contexual Relevance , Child friendly atmosphere, Sustainability and Balanced thinking) , so also modern educational aids , E-learning , BaLa technique, Activity based teaching are all making the children more capable and stronger.

    Regular parent meetings and home visits are going a long way to make the parents Aware.

    They efforts that we are taking in Sangola taluka for the intellectual , physical and psychological development of the students will definitely start showing spectacular results in the next five years